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"Lakeview Automotive has taken such great care of my car. They have provided outstanding service and their customer care is second to none. I recommend them highly."

- M.C. Spartanburg, SC on Aug 06, 2013

"Great service, professional and honest!"

- April Collins on Aug 06, 2013

"We had to make a decision on which service center to use when my wifes airconditioner stoped working. after asking around Lakeview one out. We spoke with Gary and both my wife and I got a good feeling so we left it with Gary. We were very surprised that he had it fixed later that day. the extra checks on the rest of the car was an extra bonus and allows us a chance to save for futue repairs. I would highly recommend Lakeview to anyone that is worried about finding an honest company with very skilled technicians."

- Michael Jacobson on Jun 22, 2013

"My daughter and I have relied on Lakeview Automotive for many years to maintain our high mileage vehicles and keep them roadworthy and safe for our constant travel, both daily commuting and out of town travel. We are return customers and recommend them to friends because the mechanics have proved to be highly knowledgeable, the shop is neat and clean, the waiting area is customer friendly, appointments are kept, vehicle storage is secure, estimates are explained in detail as is the summary of work performed, and communication by phone, email and face to face is excellent. We choose to use new parts with warranties. This service appointment was for my 1997 Lincoln Towncar to get it ready for a trip to Hilton Head, SC. Oil change and brake work were needed. All other systems were checked, including tires (spare tire, too), fluid levels and windshield wipers. I have AAA roadside assistance, but always feel more confident if I let Lakeview mechanics check out my car before going out of to."

-G.M. Roebuck, SC on May 04, 2013

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